A Greater Gift Guide For Him

I’ve been popping around the interwebs checking out the recommendations of websites and blogs for gift guides for guys. And I have got to say, as adorable as a lot of the items are, they don’t particularly seem original. As I mentioned in my Gift Guide for Your Girls from last week, I pride myself on finding truly unique gifts. I like my gifts to be personal, meaningful, and unexpected. I want the people opening them to say “Wow, holy sh*t this is awesome!”

Thusly, I felt like this Gift Guide was truly in order, because female-targeted internet content is just really letting us ladies (and our dudes by association) down. Also, how many times can you really buy your boyfriend a sweater from JCrew? And is that a gift for him, or more because you think he should wear sweaters from JCrew? Secondly, I don’t know any men who keep coffee table books, its more like issues of Sports Illustrated and Wired. Lastly, cologne is not an original present, neither are socks.

All I am trying to say, is that with truly minimal effort (I mean, if you just read this article) you can find a handful of options that will both surprise and delight all of the wonderful men in your life (be it a boyfriend, a best friend, a brother, or a dad). I put together a fun list of my own ideas, as well as some items on the wish lists of actual men, because I didn’t find what Cosmopolitan or Refinery 29 was telling me to get to be in any way helpful (i.e. I don’t actually think any of my guy friends want silk pajama pants). You’re welcome.


1. FlameStower: you can slide this nifty little guy into an actual fire and use that to charge your electronics. How cool is that?

2. DuxHelm Helmet: For the cycler on your list, get him a helmet with retractable sunnies.

3. Splash Shower Tunes: Wirelessly play music while you shower…alone or together!

4. Gotham Anti-Theft Bike Light: Living in NYC, all my guy friends are bikers. Make sure they stay safe with this knifty light!

5. NomadKey: The most mobile of all the chargers.

6. Italo Fontana Watch: A watch is a pretty standard gift for a guy, but he will think of you whenever he wears it so why not get him a badass one!

7. Colt 45 Cufflinks: For the fashionable man in your life, these faux bullet cufflinks will make quite the statement!

Even if none of these things were exactly what you were looking for, I hope you are inspired to think a bit more outside of the box, because when were you ever excited to get a sweater either? (Unless it was Chanel…)

A Greater Gift Guide For Him

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A Greater Gift Guide For Him

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