Bone to be Wild

Cheesy skeleton puns aside, this has got to be one of my favorite catsuits ever. I decided to be this for Halloween just so I had an excuse to buy it. I wore it to a music event and a festival a few weeks before Halloween. I would wear this everywhere if I could. (I’m totally wearing it to a yoga class in the near future-for funsies.) Not only is it incredibly comfortable and soft; I just love staring at the pattern. This piece is made by Black Milk Clothing, by far one of my favorite brands. I have been dying to do a Black Milk outfit post forever, but I wanted it to be really special. I have some other amazing pieces by them, but I have been waiting because I really want to find an awesome location in which to shoot those looks. Black Milk reads to me a lot more like wearable art, and every time I put on one of their pieces I get stopped in public by someone asking to photograph it (seriously every time). I did an interview with Black Milk representative Cameron Parker for Joonbug, you can check it out here to read about their amazingly awesome company and all the fun and crazy things that they do. All of their stuff is made out of stretch Lycra as well, so it is really smoothing and flattering…and just generally awesome…I could go on but I don’t want this to get into TLDR territory.

Anyway, now that I am done fan-girling over Black Milk, I have to do the same thing over my makeup inspiration for this look (we at Cara’s Closet got to give credit where credit is due y’all). Alexys Fleming of Made Yew Look is a seriously talented make-up artist. I can watch video after video of her doing makeup, she is so ridiculously gifted and its just really compelling to watch her transform her own face in a matter of minutes. I used her half skeleton tutorial for my Halloween costume, (available here) with a few minor modifications. Alexys uses really high quality make up base in her video, which is great and all but I had about a $20 budget for what I was willing to spend on this. So I went to a few of the pop-up Halloween shops around the city. They all sold the nasty, cheap and typical Halloween paint that cost about $3, but I was not willing to coat my face in that gunk. I have really sensitive skin and I knew I would wake up the next day with a face full of zits. (The product was literally called “Grease Paint,” they couldn’t come up with a better name?) So after some frustration, I decided to just try it with out the white base at all. I only used liquid eyeliner and a grey eye shadow for the entire look, and I am really pleased with how it came out. Especially since I am unusually pale, I felt like I matched the muscle color of the bodysuit, and keeping my regular skin tone under the makeup fit in with the overall theme. I am not artistically gifted in any way, but Alexys made it really easy to follow. Particularly with this look, your face serves as a stencil, because I am basically just drawing what is right under my skin. Also, I already had everything that I used which brought the price I paid for makeup down to zero!

This Halloween was so fun! We went to Union Square Ballroom with a bunch of friends, as well as the famous Halloween parade. The city streets were crawling with amazing costumes; people watching was my favorite part of the night. I’ve included some shots of the night as well! Pardon the terrible iPhone quality! I hope you all had amazing nights! Let me know what you were too!

Outfit Details:

Bodysuit: Black Milk

Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Litas

Jacket: Nasty Gal

Bone to be Wild

Black Milk Halloween!

Bone to be Wild

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