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A Greater Gift Guide For Him

A Greater Gift Guide For Him

I’ve been popping around the interwebs checking out the recommendations of websites and blogs for gift guides for guys. And I have got to say, as adorable as a lot of the items are, they don’t particularly seem original. As I mentioned in my Gift Guide for Your Girls from last week, I pride myself on finding truly unique gifts. I like my gifts to be personal, meaningful, and unexpected. I want the people opening them to say “Wow, holy sh*t this is awesome!”

Thusly, I felt like this Gift Guide was truly in order, because female-targeted internet content is just really letting us ladies (and our dudes by association) down. Also, how many times can you really buy your boyfriend a sweater from JCrew? And is that a gift for him, or more because you think he should wear sweaters from JCrew? Secondly, I don’t know any men who keep coffee table books, its more like issues of Sports Illustrated and Wired. Lastly, cologne is not an original present, neither are socks.

All I am trying to say, is that with truly minimal effort (I mean, if you just read this article) you can find a handful of options that will both surprise and delight all of the wonderful men in your life (be it a boyfriend, a best friend, a brother, or a dad). I put together a fun list of my own ideas, as well as some items on the wish lists of actual men, because I didn’t find what Cosmopolitan or Refinery 29 was telling me to get to be in any way helpful (i.e. I don’t actually think any of my guy friends want silk pajama pants). You’re welcome.


1. FlameStower: you can slide this nifty little guy into an actual fire and use that to charge your electronics. How cool is that?

2. DuxHelm Helmet: For the cycler on your list, get him a helmet with retractable sunnies.

3. Splash Shower Tunes: Wirelessly play music while you shower…alone or together!

4. Gotham Anti-Theft Bike Light: Living in NYC, all my guy friends are bikers. Make sure they stay safe with this knifty light!

5. NomadKey: The most mobile of all the chargers.

6. Italo Fontana Watch: A watch is a pretty standard gift for a guy, but he will think of you whenever he wears it so why not get him a badass one!

7. Colt 45 Cufflinks: For the fashionable man in your life, these faux bullet cufflinks will make quite the statement!

Even if none of these things were exactly what you were looking for, I hope you are inspired to think a bit more outside of the box, because when were you ever excited to get a sweater either? (Unless it was Chanel…)

Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide


Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I am an excellent gift-getter. I love buying presents for other people, and take a ton of pride in the time and effort I put into picking out unique gifts (which is why it took me forever to write this post because I kept getting sidetracked and started doing my actual holiday shopping). I like buying experiences (massages, facials, airline gift cards etc.) and stuff that is customized (monogramming, obviously). But when buying for a holiday party, secret Santa, or close friend on a budget, I think it is nice to aim for something timeless, elegant, and with a bit of holiday glam. That’s why I put together a gift guide with my favorite options for your favorite ladies. Check back for suggestion for the boys (and the pets, cuz you know my list for Addy is the most important one I am making) later this week!

Happy shopping!



You’re Invited

You’re Invited

You guys know I have been a fan of Think Closet for a while (exhibits A, B, and C). I have always loved how their pieces are truly one of a kind. I’ve written about how Think Closet gets most of its stock from independent and up-and-coming Asian designers, and that because of this their pieces are truly unique and one-of-a-kind. After they are hand-picked from the there side of the world by the store’s passionate owner, the carefully curated collection is brought to New York and sold in one of Think Closet’s sweet boutiques.

Their holiday collection is beyond amazing with chic tweed coats, gorgeous tulle skirts, and everyone’s favorite holiday look: sequins! I have partnered with Think Closet to offer you guys a unique opportunity to shop the newest holiday pieces, freshly picked and waiting for you! Join me and the Think Closet crew at their Upper West Side location next Tuesday, December 9, 2014. They’ll be providing champagne and cupcakes and giving you exclusive V.I.P. access to their newest collection.

I’ll be there as well to help you style or pick out gifts for your loved ones this season. (Or to just chat!) If I haven’t met you yet, I would really love to, and if you’re a friend already please come say hi!

Please R.S.V.P. to


Black Friday’s Best Sales

Black Friday’s Best Sales

I am such an avid online shopper, and as far as Black Friday is concerned, that sentiment goes double. I see no reason to wait in lines with a bunch of other angry people when you can veg out in your pj’s eating leftovers, and take advantage of all the sales from the comfort of your own couch. I’ve put together a list of my favorite sales, as well as a little graphic of my absolute favorite sale finds! Happy shopping lovelies!



1. Nasty Gal: 30% off specially priced black items. (This is the sale I took most advantage of, btw).

2. Nordstrom: 20% off all sale, and a whole bad ass Black Friday section!

3. ASOS: 30% off everything and free shipping!

4. JCREW: 30% off full priced items and 40% off sale with code HOLIDAY

5. Piperlime: 25% off Everythaaaaang site wide! PLus you can win a trip to NYC for next fashion week (let’s grab lunch!). Use code IHEARTNYC

6.Shopbop: 25% off with code GOBIG14

7. Lulu*s: They have a special Black Friday Section, and the dress pictured above is $5.50!!

Housing Works Annual Fashion for Action Benefit

Housing Works Annual Fashion for Action Benefit

Writing for Joonbug had granted me press passes to some fancy shmancy events, as well as inspired me to even start this blog in the first place, so thanks Joonbug! From Fashion Week to Champagne Week, (yes, that is a thing here in New York) Joonbug has given me the opportunity to see a side of New York City typically only depicted on Page Six or in Sex and The City. However, if you keep up with our daily coverage, we let you know the inside scoop of events that you can attend, too! Housing Works Fashion for Action Benefit is, by far, the event I would most recommend to any self-proclaimed fashionistas or shopaholics. VIP tickets to the event were $100, but they gave you access to what was the best sample sale I have ever attended. Think Derek Lam dresses for $25, Ted Baker silk blouses for $10, Jimmy Choo’s for $125, and $50 Wild Fox sunnies. Typically, Housing Works is one of my favorite places to find great thrifted items, but all of this stock was NEW and current season!I was there as press, but I spent the first two hours feverishly grabbing everything I could carry and having a shopaholic-induced frenzy. Below you can see me in line for the fitting room, and I think no further description is really necessary.


As one of the premier organizations in NYC to use a sales model to run a non-profit, Housing Works helps educate, employ, and treat NYC citizens in the fight against AIDS and HIV. Their annual benefit, this year hosted by fashion powerhouses Zac Posen and John Varvatos, raises money to support their youth education and prevention efforts. Obviously, this was a great excuse reason to spend some hard-earned money. Though the event has passed, I would mark your calendar’s for next year, because I was literally flabbergasted by the prices. The benefit party was also pretty spectacular, with models in the House Works finds, and Mr. Posen and Mr. Varvatos there to talk about the cause. The ultimate highlight was seeing posing goddess and America’s Next Top Model judge Miss Jay Alexander, who graciously agreed to make a slow motion video with myself and my blog wife Kathy. Watch it here.

The charitable aspect of the event, combined with the ridiculous deals, and the amazing people involved (the whole Housing Works staff is wonderful) make this possibly one of my favorite nights for fashion here in the city. Not to mention I got a bunch of unbelievably awesome clothes for practically no money. To see the pieces in action you will have to stay tuned…