Clothes, Candy, Champagne, and Cynthia Rowley

Hallie of Sleepless in Sequins and I hosted a little private shopping party last Thursday, and it was such a fun night! We got to bring all of our friends, and some lovely blog followers to shop Cynthia Rowley’s stunning Madison Ave. boutique and candy shop. Her new collection is so amazing. It is packed with silk and neoprene, and features these really beautiful and sometimes even abstract floral prints in bright colors. I also loved her amazing shapes and the creative way she uses fabrics in her dresses. She will do subtle and sexy sheers mixed into classic looks. These dresses suit every body type, but the sheer fabrics make the dresses truly special. That is why I decided to wear the Crepe Ribbon Slip Dress. The midi dress was sexy in a very demure 1950’s kind of way. It had a lovely wide midi-skirt length, but still showed off a significant amount of skin. As soon as I put it on, I had my mind set on it.

It is actually sort of funny, because 90’s supermodel and beauty icon Stephanie Seymour just happened to be shopping at Cynthia Rowley minutes before our party. I am totally naive and unaware that I am changing and swapping beauty tips with a supermodel. And to be honest, she told me not to wear the dress, but instead to the wear a second outfit (which you will see on the blog this week, ‘cuz I totes got that one too). And I was all like “No girl, I want to look more formal and sexy tonight.” And she was all “This one looks way better on you.” And in my head I was thinking “Lady, shove it.” But now its like “I turned down advice from the original Victoria’s Secret Supermodel.” I must have looked so dumb. I also whispered in her ear while she was trying on clothes “Just stay 10 more minutes, because if you pay when our party starts you get a 20% discount.” She’s a billionaire. I am a moron. So five minutes after she leaves the sales girls are running over to Hallie and I very excitedly, “You know who that was, right?” We had no idea. She was really nice though!

Anyway, included in this post are some fun shots from the party, but I can’t wait to share the outfit that a 90’s icon told me looked good on me. So there’s that. Enjoy! And shop mine or Hallie’s party looks here. And to all who came to our little shin-dig, we love and appreciate you so much!

I am not that tall of a person…these ladies are just so tiny!

All event photos by Grant Friedman.

Clothes, Candy, Champagne, and Cynthia Rowley

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Clothes, Candy, Champagne, and Cynthia Rowley

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