Cozy Knits with Preppy Accessories

This sweater is the perfect chunky knit for fall and winter. I bought it in the “dress” section of, though its functionality as a dress us something I would be willing to debate with you. I think it will pair excellently with my jeans and leggings for cozy weekend brunches and lazy dinners with friends.

Here I chose to wear preppy socks and Oxfords and go exploring an abandoned small pox hospital on Roosevelt Island with Anabella. New York never fails at offering up amazing and unbelievable sites! I would highly recommend a visit to this historic location! It is surrounded by a beautiful park, where the views are amazing and the East River laps up against the edge of the park. You can sit there and really take in the city, it isn’t as overcrowded as other tourist attractions. Thanks to Anabella for convincing me to explore this amazing spot!






From Head to Toe:

Sweater: Lulu*s, Socks: Target, Shoes: H&M, Backpack: Vintge

Photos by Anabella V Photography

Cozy Knits with Preppy Accessories

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Cozy Knits with Preppy Accessories

Fall’s Favorite Color

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