Cropping Up

Crop tops have been a huge trend lately, and though I love how they look, I personally have a hard time wearing them. I work very hard to maintain my weight with exercise, diet, and an expensive Soul Cycle addiction. I have read a lot of blog posts about girls talking about how they stay fit, how they love their insecurities and how all shapes are beautiful. One of the things that I love about the blogging community is that real women can showcase their personal styles and it doesn’t have to be 100% representative of modern standards of beauty. I know that I am a small person, but any extra meat that I do have tends to sit around my midsection, and I have never exactly been fond of it. It is hard for me to open up and talk about it because I fear sounding contrived or fake. I know I wear a size 4, and to discuss my fear of being fat could truly be taken the wrong way. However, this is something that I and many women deal with. Additionally, those of us not blessed with a super fast metabolism work hard to be a size that makes us happy, but still struggle with insecurities. I only bring it up because it is important to me as a blogger and a woman in the fashion industry to be open with other women about my personal insecurities in the hope that it may ring true to what other people  are feeling.

I think two of the most important things that people can keep in mind when seeking to have great style is to first and foremost stay true to themselves and secondarily to dress for their body type. Even though I don’t *love* my stomach, I’ve been making crop tops work for me lately by paying close attention to how the bottoms that I pair them with fall.  I love this look because it is fun, flirty, and girlish. I paired a high-waist circle skirt with this Forever XXI crop, and though I was not as comfortable as I would be in say, a shift dress, I still felt like the cut was flattering and stylish. As I said, I think that being true to yourself is the most important part of radiating effortless style. If there’s a trend you want to try, experiment a bit with what feels right for you. If your imaginative you can make almost any look work!

As one of my style icons, Lori Goldstein would say “Everything goes with anything!”

Outfit Details:

Skirt: Mink Pink (old, similar here), Top: Forever 21, Bag: Rebecca Minkoff, Shoes: Threadsence, Beanie: Custom, Watch: Vince Camuto

Photos by the one and only Brittanny Taylor

Cropping Up

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Cropping Up

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