Liz Earle for Birchbox

I’m sure you guys have head of Birchbox; (and if you haven’t, where have you been?) the fun and fabulous monthly beauty subscription service that sends you great products to try. These little packages have started many a beauty obsession for me, and getting a one in the mail every month is really fun. Recently, I became a Birchblogger, and have had the opportunity to attend private events and try the greatest new products to hit the market. Just last week I attended a Birchblogger breakfast (say that three times fast) where I got to try out Liz Earle skincare products, and I really fell in love.

Liz Earle is a well-established UK-based brand, that is moving state-side and I can’t wait! The product line was created on the idyllic little Isle of Wight off the coast of England, where miles of shimmering beaches and unique florals abound. The line’s commitment to fairly-sourced and fresh ingredients can be traced to the amazing ones found on the island it calls home. I was immediately struck by the fresh scents and creamy textures of Liz Earle face creams and masks, so I couldn’t wait to try them out for myself!

Birchbox’s sunny office warmly welcomed me and several other beauty bloggers with pastries and granola, but we all we way more excited about the products (duh)! Eden Grimaldi, PR maven at MediaCraft, as well as their founder and president, was there to teach us all about the miracle products that are Liz Earle. We began by passing around the Hot Cloth Cleanser, which is one of the products that the brand is most famous for. Super gentle and alcohol free, I was immediately drawn to the light texture. What I liked most about it, however was the pure muslin cloth that you use along with it. I have problem skin, and have been using the Clarisonic for a while. I have heard tons of girls swear by it, but I feel like it traps a lot of bacteria. Yeah, you change the brush heads out every three months, but that’s three months of gunk from your face stuck to one brush (ew).  The muslin is a gentle exfoliating cloth that you can throw in your washing machine. The textural fiber removes all the grime, but instead of it just sitting on the cloth (like it does on my Clarisonic) I can actually rinse that stuff off. After just a few days, they have totally converted me. Plus the Clarisonic is really expensive, so at $6 a cloth, you can’t really do better! All Liz Earle products were at a pretty reasonable price point, staying in the $20-$40 range, where similar products with organic ingredients can cost you into the $70’s!

As I said, it has barely been a week past the breakfast, so I haven’t used the products long enough to notice more than the amazing scents and awesome product experience. But the gentle ingredients and clean philosophies of the brand make me really drawn to try out more of their stuff. I really want to try the Brightening Treatment Mask! Not available in the U.S. yet, but we got to pass it around at the breakfast, and I am counting down the days. I am always looking for great masks; and this was light, plus I feel like the witch hazel in it will be great for my skin.

If you haven’t gotten Birchbox already, jump on the bandwagon! You may even get to try some Liz Earle in your first box! As far as Liz Earle is concerned, do yourself a favor and pick up some hot cloth cleanser and muslin cloths ASAP! Plus give their yummy moisturizers and fragrances a try! Your skin will thank you!




Liz Earle for Birchbox

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Liz Earle for Birchbox

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