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I bought this dress from an adorable little shop on the Upper West Side called Think Closet. They specialize in selling one-of-a-kind pieces from up-and-coming designers. Most of the designers are from East Asia, specifically Korea. This is really amazing, because if you buy something there, odds are you will be the only person who has it. On the other had, they usually will only have one size (since the pieces are that rare), so if you find something you like, you better hope it fits.

I fell in love with this dress the second I saw it. The print, the tasteful midsection cutout, the shape, I had to have it. It said small/medium on the tag. “Scoreeee!” I thought to myself. Literally, I could not zip this thing over my rip cage. I pulled and pulled and asked the salesgirl for help. She was pretty awesome about it. “You really love it,” she says. “If you can cram my body into this dress, I will buy it,” I replied. Ten minutes later, we were both a little sweaty but the dress was on. And it was a little tight, but not too bad. Mostly the zipper just kept getting stuck on the crocheted part. But seriously, I had to babysit for 5 hours after I found this dress and then I had a press event to cover. I wanted to wear the dress to the event, but I was scared if I took it off I wouldn’t be able to zip it on my own before the event. I wore this dress to babysit, specifically to play in a sandbox with a four year old. Maybe I am crazy, but the dress was fine. Perhaps this is what the expression “beauty is pain” is about. Anyway, after like eight hours I stretched it out enough it wasn’t even uncomfortable any more. (Again, it was really just the crocheted midsection.) I wore it on Thursday for the photoshoot, and this time it zipped like nothing. So worth the risk in buying a dress I thought I may have to get altered. And honestly, if that had been the case, it is still an amazing buy! Totally unique and totally gorgeous! Check out their website for other amazing one-of-a-kind pieces!

It was a nasty rainy day in the city yesterday, my perfectly styled hair turned into a frizzy mess before I took these photos. (Sorry, not sorry…life happens!) Also, check out my adorably punny Kate Spade Umbrella….#obsessed!

Outfit Details:

Dress: Think Closet, Bag: Vince Camuto, Shoes: 6pm, Umbrella: Kate Spade

Midi in the City

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Midi in the City

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  1. kierra makayla

    This dress is stunning and looks amazing on you. Ooo, I am obsessed with your umbrella! Your blog makes me can’t wait to be in the city, omg!

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