Parisian Picnic

With blogging, I always try to keep my outfit posts current. Not necessarily on trend, because I don’t attempt to follow trends when I wake up every morning-that sounds exhausting and boring at the same time. However, I do like everything I am wearing to be shoppable. So I feel like this look is a bit of a blogger faux-pas, because I bought all of it ages ago. I can’t even remember where I got that bag! But the whole thing came together sort of organically, and I just couldn’t believe I had never worn this before. It was like the shoes and dress were made for each other, and I had to do an outfit post. As usual, I will find some similar styles so you can shop the look. It’s just hilarious to me that literally everything I am wearing has been buried in my closet for well over a year. Especially the dress. I bought it while I was studying abroad in Paris, at a little music shop that had a small rack of vintage dresses by the door. I fell in love immediately, and wore it everyday that summer. And, like a moron, I completely forgot about it until today! I recently did a little wardrobe cleanse, and it is almost embarrassing how many cute clothes I have forgotten about! Does that ever happen to you? I don’t think it is that uncommon of a problem, but how did I forget about this dress?!?!

On an unrelated note, I usually do my hair everyday, but I feel like it is developing the consistency of straw. I have really frizzy hair and I use tons of heat to try to tame it. So I have a new goal of not heat styling it more than once a week. I will be testing out a bunch of products to try to fix this little issue for myself. If I love anything, you know I will share. If you have any tips, let me know in the comments below!

Outfit Details:

Similar Dresses: Line & Dot, Dillard’s, Julian Taylor

Similar Shoes: Jessica Simpson, Kellsey Dagger, Vince Camuto

Similar Bags: Elaine Turner, Straw Studio, Trader’s and Co.


Parisian Picnic

Veggie Tempeh Chili

Parisian Picnic

Hudson Blues

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  1. Maria

    I love this outfit you’ve put together! That woven bag is amaaaazing. I am totally into white this summer, & basking my skin in the sun’s rays with strappy dresses like this one. :)))

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