I had afternoon tea pretty much every day in London, but this one was by far the most special. The Berkeley Hotel, just down the street from Harrods does a tea inspired by recent runway looks. I love tea; herbal, green, black, oolong, it makes no difference to me. Fashion inspired tea, however; now that is something special! I am pretty sure the Berkeley is the only place on earth that one can have this experience, and at £39.00 a pop I thought it was a bargain! (A little more if you want champagne, which obviously I did.) From the second I showed up to the Berkeley, I knew that this was going to be the best tea of my life. Everyone calls you “Madame,” and the service was impeccable and almost hilarious (in the sense that I am incredibly Americanized and found how fancy everything was to be amusing).

Now what I am about to tell you…well I can’t decide whether to be ashamed or proud of it. In the photos pictured below you will see everything that was served to me at tea. I went alone and I ate literally all of it. (Plus a plate of finger sandwiches-not pictured) Never have I been so full in my life. I literally was there for almost two hours, taking periodic breaks so that I could sufficiently stuff my face. (Obviously I was extremely elegant and classy and did not come off as pig…) I told myself that I had to eat all of it so that I would be able to describe all of it to you. Which was a great excuse. And completely unnecessary, because honestly the concept sells itself. That being said, everything was amazing. (Duh.) Also, I ate a cookie shaped like a Burberry Prorsum coat, and it doesn’t get much better than that ladies.

Seated in an elegant room among women clad in Chanel and Prada, I basked in the warm glow of utter gluttony. It is an experience I recommend you all have. The tea also comes with unlimited pots of tea (I tried three kinds) and food (as if you need more). Personally, I recommend the pear caramel tea, it was truly unique and exquisite. Check out the photos below to see all the adorable fashion-inspired goodies, as well as my comments on how they tasted!

Look at my fancy personalized pink pump place card! (Say that three times fast!)

I ate all of that…and a tray of finger sandwiches…and three pots of tea…and two glasses of champagne. Sorry I’m not sorry.

This delicious version of the Burberry Trench paired nicely with my ginger cookie Gianvito Rossi boot. These little cookies were not just adorable, the meal didn’t skimp on taste either!

This was by far my favorite desert. A Jean Paul Gautier gold quilted banana and caramel cremeux with passion fruit compote. I wish I could swim in this. It was so good. I dare say I would rather have an unlimited supply of this than the actual dress.

This was the best look-a-like in my opinion, and it was also super tasty. The Saint Laurent Essential “Classic Duffle 6” was made into a sumptuous sponge cake covered in fondant. It was almost too cute to eat…but then I ate it.

I always love a good macaroon, and this Vivienne Westwood Anglomania oversized mint one was no exception. It had the perfect sweet and chewy texture to rival the best French macaroons out there (of which I have eaten many).

From Oscar de la Renta to Armani, and Giles to Miu Miu, my tea cake tower covered fashion week looks from across the globe while managing to be exceptionally delicious. Feeling sick from consuming probably at least half a cake was completely worth it. Treat yo’self ladies! And the next time you are in London book your fashion tea and thank me later!



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