I can’t lie to you guys. 2014 was easily the most personally and professionally challenging year of my life. After deciding to make a career change, take on a seemingly endless job search, start my own company, and work to find a new apartment within the span of a very short amount of time, on some days I really doubted myself and my ability to take on this crazy and amazing city.

Though I sort of view 2014 as the year that my life fell apart, I look toward 2015 as the year where I fit all the puzzle pieces back together. And that’s not to say by any means that 2014 wasn’t full of amazing experiences and people. I got to meet empowering women who have become my closest friends (and business partners), I traveled (though not as much as I would’ve liked), and I built the website up more than it had ever been before. As many times as my resolve was tested I surprised myself by how strong I could be. I learned to be independent and I learned to be alone, yet simultaneously have never felt more supported by so many people. So thanks to you guys for following along, offering words of encouragement, and for always providing such positive feedback. I wish you all a year full of happy surprises, and can’t wait to share the ride with you!



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