Silk, Leather and Turtlenecks

I have got to start this post by saying that I obviously own the cutest dog that has ever existed. She is a fabulous model. Usually she is smiling, but I will be honest with you…she hates that turtleneck that I put on her so much! There are really only three times when Addy is not smiling. The first is when Nick and I leave the house. The second and third are when I make her wear a raincoat and when I make her wear this turtleneck. The raincoat is practical. If we go out in the rain without it, she comes back and jumps on our bed and/or the sofa and gets nasty New York puddle prints on everything. The turtleneck, however is purely selfish on my part. But don’t we look so professional together!?

This is an outfit I actually wear to work all the time. I didn’t even realize I was wearing leather and silk at the same time until someone pointed it out. That is what I love about fashion! Experimenting with textures, prints, patterns, and trends is always exciting! I love wearing things that are trendy, but with my own twist. I actually have a difficult time describing my sense of style, because I really do like to experiment with anything. Whenever I am asked, I end up stringing together a bunch of adjectives that seem contradictory; boho, trendy, romantic, feminine, funky, classic, can’t a girl have it all? In my opinion this is actually a relatively tame outfit, but the comments I got on the combo got me thinking about how fashion is so unique and subjective. I love saying a little bit about who I am and how I feel by changing up my looks every day. That is what I love about fashion blogs! They are a photo diary that reflects personal history, moods, and personality. Not to mention, I love getting inspiration from other fabulous women! (You can always check out what is in my blog roll on the side bar!)

As usual, most of what I am wearing I got ridiculously on sale! This 100% silk Rachel Zoe top was on sale for $40 from Loehmann’s (which I hear is going out of business and I am so sad). The jeans are Seven for all Mankind, which were marked down to $100 when I bought them. Where do you go for great deals?

Outfit Details:

Silk Top: Rachel Zoe (only available in black, but on sale!)

Leather Top: Piperlime (on super sale!)

Jeans: Seven for all Mankind

Shoes: ASOS

Bag: Aldo (old, similar here)

Earrings: Purchased from Yumi Kim (Similar here)

PS. Had to share this outtake, because Addy looks hilarious. She is so pleased to be a part of the blog, I promise! 🙂

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Silk, Leather and Turtlenecks

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Silk, Leather and Turtlenecks

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