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I have spent the better part of the past year of so aggressively job hunting across the spectrum of digital media, social media, and editorial jobs around the city. I share this with you guys because I know just how frustrating it can be to work relentlessly at something and feel like it hasn’t paid off. When I started my blog, I was pursuing a master’s degree in something that was interesting to me, but also something that seemed depressing when I imagined myself spending the rest of my life doing it. I took a leap of faith to pursue a saturated career path that was full of thousands of qualified and talented women who had busted their butts during their undergraduate career to accumulate far more experience than it was remotely possibly for me to have.

Knowing this, I went about building a portfolio of work that made me proud and showcased my abilities. The Stylephile was a part of this–a place for me to do what I loved in a public way, and turn my voice and my style into a brand. I may not have spent my college summer’s interning for a major publication, but I have learned and adapted to selling my skills in a marketable way. In the past several months I have slowly transitioned from building a portfolio to working as a copy writer, editor, digital marketing expert, and brand developer for a number of companies. The rapid growth of my freelance career was both unexpected and incredibly natural. I took an nontraditional path to get here, so it made sense to me that I was doing what I loved in a nontraditional way. Furthermore, I was pleasantly taken aback by the fact that I was suddenly able to make a career out of something that I truly loved. That when I woke up on a Monday morning I actually WANTED to get to work, and I was excited to create, collaborate and cultivate my aptitude for writing with clients and companies that encouraged and shared my vision.

Many of my friends–and that includes those of you whom I may not know, but who follow along–lament the feeling of being trapped in a career that does not fulfill them. I understand better than anyone that the drive for personal and financial security limits the career path that many choose to take, but I also believe in manifesting your own happiness. For me that meant knowing that eventually I would find my footing and spend my life doing something that I genuinely love. Whether that is a career, hobby, skill, or craft for you, I cannot recommend the exhaustive path of giving it every single fiber of your soul until whatever you envisioned for it comes to fruition. Because when you look back on it, no matter the result, you will know that there was no better way to have spent your time.


As for this outfit, since I am a freelancer I mostly wear whatever I want (read: yoga pants). But on days I spend running around the city, meeting clients, or attending events, this is exactly the right mix of professional and edgy to suit my tastes. Rocking shoes, a tailored vest, and subtle sex appeal make me feel like I can enter briefly into the standard professional arena while maintaining my own unique sense of style. This is easy enough for any woman to accomplish as long as they stay true to their tastes while maintaining professional hem lines. Having a work look that truly represents who you are will have an immeasurable impact on your time spent working!



From Head to Toe:

Vest: Top Shop, Top: Shop Tobi, Bag: Vince Camuto, Pants: Think Closet, Shoes: Top Shop

Photos by Anabella V Photography

Stylephile Suit Up

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Stylephile Suit Up

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