The Perfect Fitting Bra + How to Rock It


Finding the perfect bra is no easy task. If you haven’t already been measured, (what are you waiting for) any saleswoman at a department store will eagerly wrap her tape measure around your underboob and tell you what size you should be wearing. I don’t know if you know this, but most women are wearing the wrong size. This can so easily be rectified with a trip to your local mall, but it is intimidating to get the right bra none the less. Personally, I tend to opt for unlined and soft bras that don’t draw much attention to my cleavage. I have average-sized boobs, and I like them to look that way, thank you very much. I’m glad it isn’t the 90’s any more, and that popular culture has embraced and sung the praises to natural boobs, no matter their size. That does not, however, mean that embracing them in your wardrobe is as easily done. Deep-V tops have not been as in style as there has been less emphasis on sexy necklines in modern clothing, however, whether its a T-shirt or a lace jumpsuit (like the one I am wearing) having a bra the emphasizes your curves without making them jump out of your shirt is key.

I am not the world’s most revealing dresser. Personally, I think a nice cut, and showing off a few well-picked features is sexier than letting it all hang out. However, if you are feeling like a diva (which I usually am anyway) and want to vamp up your look, a bra can be one of the easiest ways to have a mini make over. Below I have linked my personal faves for everything from a sport’s bra to a sexy stunner for every occasion. However, what I post encourage you to do is simply go and try them on!

The Perfect Fitting Bra + How to Rock It

Classic Pieces, Modern Vibes

The Perfect Fitting Bra + How to Rock It

The Great American Roadtrip

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