Workin’ with What You Got


I don’t know how many of you experiment with your hair color a lot, and maybe for some of you, you hair tolerates it rather well. You may remember my blunder with blondness back from October. I dyed my hair for the first time, it looked bad, there were some tears. Anyway, bleach really took a tole on my once silky locks. I also really love to heat style my hair, and for people with fine hair like mine you can’t really have it both ways (dyed and fried I mean). Sure, I use a crap ton of heat protectant and dry shampoo like any educated beauty-lover does, but when you clap a 400 degree iron down on your locks several times a week, what can you really expect from your hair?

Thusly, I have been inspired to try to embrace my natural curls. And, honestly, this has been no east feat. I am a huge fan of “lobs,” and ombre, and big gorgeous bouncy heads of waves…on everyone but myself. Something about short hair makes me feel like my head becomes shaped like a grapefruit; round, chubby and just unappealing. My natural curl makes me feel like a look like I am 12. I am reading a great book right now, (The Happiness Project) and one of the things it discusses is that we truly are our own worse critic, picking up things in ourselves that no one else sees. And unless I plan to fry my hair into the texture of straw, I really need to learn to love my natural waves. I will admit, that I curled the front pieces to give the whole look some shape, but I don’t hate the final product. I’m not packing away my flatiron by any means; just trying to limit my heated-hairdos to once or twice a mont (even writing that sounded impossible to me).

How do you all keep your hair healthy?





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Workin’ with What You Got

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Workin’ with What You Got


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